Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God is... (part 2)

I hate typing. I really do. Which is funny, since that is exactly what I have to do to make this blog go. And yet, it is my kryptonite from posting more frequently. It's not really the words that are the problem. It's the typing. So unfortunately, or more likely fortunately for you, it prevents me from saying what's on my mind most of the time. My thoughts end up spoken by me on the road somewhere while I'm driving, instead of getting recorded for posterity's sake. So I say all that to say this- my part 2 post ended up in my car instead of on this blog. I really wanted to type it, I swear I did. But it just came out one morning when I was driving to work. And most of this stuff comes in waves, that I can't get back when it's gone. So, although the first version of this post was real good, it's gone. And I'm left trying to tie up a loose end. But the show must go on, and so I offer my best attempt at moving on with the blog.

Have you ever seen the movie "Grounghog's Day"? It was made in the '80's I think and had Bill Murray as the main character. Basically, the movie was about a guy who is stuck in the same day. Every day he wakes up and it's Grounghog's day. He can't die, can't age, and is stuck living the same day over and over. No matter what happens in one day, he wakes up and the same day starts over. So, he's stuck. But the kicker is he's the only one aware of it. Every one else is oblivious to this glitch in the matrix, for lack of a better phrase. Everyone he tries to explain this to thinks he's crazy. Every day he tries. He learns things only the people he tries to convince could know and tells them. Yet almost all think he is crazy- even with that kind of proof.

Have you ever thought God is in the same predicament? He works every day on us, just trying to get someone here to get a clue to who he is, and it's like we think He's crazy. That Love He shows, He freely gives, He yearns for us to acknowledge- we live oblivious to it. We wake up every day and it's Groundhog's Day and we're oblivious, and His job starts over again. We wake up every day and our Creator pursues us, and we're oblivious. God screams your name, my name, and we don't hear. We don't hear anything.  This "privilege" of living in a country that screams religion, has made us deaf.  Deaf to His cries of Love, of compassion.  Deaf to His calling of Holiness.  Deaf to his sobbing for sin. So it's no surprise we come so boldly to the Throne.  Because we are deaf to God. And so every day, it's like we all are clean slates He is working on.

God offers us a Love that is not readily described.  And the kicker is- He chases us around with it.  Like a man giving out candy.  But our problem is we are deaf.  We don't hear Him anymore.  People wonder why they have such a hard time knowing the will of God.  It's because we don't hear Him.  God's will is pretty easy to know.  Make disciples of all nations.  Follow Me.  That's it.  All the other stuff is noise.

But our problem is:  How can you respond to something you don't hear?  Why would you be receptive to something you don't acknowledge?   This inability to acknowledge God's Love is a direct result of the inability to acknowledge the Holiness of God.  That's why they are intertwined.  To see the Holiness of God, truly, is to understand the Love of God.  And vice-versa.

God loves you.  But He, and He alone, has earned the right to be praised, to be lifted up.  So, don't be so bold when you approach Him.  Humble yourself before Him.  Before you speak, listen.  Because most likely, He has already approached you, and you weren't listening.

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